Breaking into the “Unknown Zone”

With GDPR being implemented on the 25th May this year, I realised the enormous market in executive digital compliance packs. We developed online digital business packs that we really do believe can benefit all companies in all sectors, of any size to function legally and allow them to focus on delivering excellent services, to clients and be successful.  We developed over 30 executive packs.

This led to me starting Zortrex Ltd in Nov 2017, this is a software company which protects customers/employee’s data by exploiting advanced encryption and tokenisation interception technology and blockchains. Zortrex tokenisation is the future of fast secured digital financial transaction services always securing PII and financial data.  This system alone will decrease the financial fraud/identify fraud for years to come.  I have also intensely researched the blockchain environment, for which we are developing the tokenised compliance blockchain.  Over the past 10 months I have accidentally got involved in Digital IT & Cyber Security for which is very much male orientated sector, however, I have met many new friends in this sector and they too have helped me immensely through this journey and very much accepted me as the newcomer, for which leads me on to breaking into the unknown zone.

Unknown Zone

As new technology unfolds in the digital world and all the new IoT being developed and coming to market, we have also to unfold the new cyber security infrastructure to run parallel with this new technology.  As very brief as it is on what is and what is not coming to the market it really is an unknown zone.  The enormous data breaches that we have seen in the last couple of years has increased so much that the trust issue has gone from consumers. I wanted to touch base on failure.


In the unknown zone, we are all afraid on the unknown and the enormous fear of failure, I have today stood here and spoken to you all, for which I have never done to an audience of this size, I am very proud to have even been asked to come and speak today but I can honestly say I have stood here terrified that I would forget my words, not say what I wanted to say, hoped in my heart that I would get through this and not fail.


Time to tell yourself the truth, when were young and we learn to ride a bike, it’s failure after failure.  We get knocked down, time after time, but we get up and push forward, until we achieve our goal of riding the bike, we are not afraid of failure, it’s fun!

Location: Date: 26th September 2018 Time: 10:30 am - 11:00 am Susan Brown Susan Brown